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Dirty panels minimize panel effectiveness

Clean and sustainable energy is the future. Solar panels give us a glimpse of what that future might look like, and California is leading the way. Going solar is a big investment and you definitely want to prolong the life of that investment. This is done by professional cleaning with pure, deionized water. Hard water eats away at the surface of the panels and overtime will start eating at the cells. Our experienced techs are knowledgable on the different types of panels, how they work and how to clean them properly.

We utilize a 3 stage filtration system to ensure 0 ph soft water and boars hair brush that is tough on dirt and buildup, but soft on the panels. Its very important to keep the panels clean as you can significantly lose output, reducing the efficiency of the panels. We specialize in residential solar panel cleaning, large or small. We don’t want you climbing onto your roof and doing the dirty work. Let us help you make your panels look like new again. Give us a call for a free quote.

Bird proofing available

Once completed, our courteous team will provide before and after pics to give you a clear view of our results.

The S.H.A.R.P. Standard


Eliminating threat of viruses and bacteria through hospital-grade products.


Health based cleaning systems that promote productivity and wellbeing


Our services make an establishment accessible and hospitable to everyone.


We get the job done right, even when things didn't go as planned.


This goes beyond certifications or ethics. Our technicians are dedicated to making your facility look professional and protect your company's image.

We treat your home like ours

We’ve cleaned solar panels throughout Fresno and surrounding cities for hundreds of homes. Many of our customers call us each year to have their solar panels cleaned, because they know they’ll get premium-quality everytime with customer service to match.

Is it necessary to clean your solar panels? Solar panels must be exposed to the sun to generate power. Solar panel cleaning is not required unless there are high levels of dust, dirt, or smog in your area.

Solar panel cleaning costs homeowners an average $150. Companies charge $3 to $10 for each panel depending on the roof slope, system size and home height. A flat fee can be charged from $150 up to $350 by some companies. The cost of cleaning is $150, and annual inspections typically run to $150.

If you see a change in the production of your product, it may be necessary to clean your panels. You should first shut the system down. … If you let the sun shine with its full force, water and other cleaning products will quickly evaporate, leaving behind residues that will decrease the efficiency of your panels.


Our Solar Panel Cleaning Reviews in Fresno!

Emily H

Fresno, CA

"Great service. I can’t believe how much better my floors look! They’re like new. Very fair price and great customer service. We will definitely use this company again."

Joe D.

Fresno, CA

I thank God that Mario helped us out!!! I give excel a two thumbs up. They came and were very professional and courteous. Our carpet and floors at our church never looked better. As senior pastor, I recomend excel for all cleaning and maintenance needs. "Thanks Mario, thanks excel"

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